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Adventure Dolomites

The Dolomites, World Natural Heritage, are one of the last wilderness frontiers in Europa. The Photographer Ulla Lohmann and the Alpinist Sebastian Hofmann crossed the mountain range in eight legs in the course of one year. They hiked icy slopes, took their mountain bikes along alpine meadows and climbed sheer cliff faces. In winter, they travelled with their touring skies, always on the most direct line from the lowest point of the Dolomites to the highest mountain, the Marmolada.

Every Meter of their 250 kilometer long journey was done “by fair means”, without any outside help and transport.

Their efforts were rewarded with fascinating images from icy escarpments, rocks coated in mist and ridges shrouded in clouds. Besides the stunning landscape pictures, the studied Geographer Ulla and the Macro Photographer Basti took time to spend one day at one square meter, every 400 meters difference in altitude. They captured never seen details. With curiousness and a special sense for poetic images, Ulla combines science and photographic art.

The best images were shown in the coffee table book for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC “Abenteuer Dolomiten” and the most captivating stories were combined in a 52minute Documentary „Jagdglück- Zauber des Augenblicks“ for Servus TV.

For the Multivision Show, Ulla and Basti re-visited the most spectacular sights of the Dolomites with a drone to show a new perspective, which is normally only reserved for the king of the skies. These images, combined with the poetic macro photographs, are accompanied live from Basti at the grand piano.

The Multivision Show is 90 minutes, without counting a break, there are also 45 minutes and 60 minutes versions available.

With “Adventure Dolomites”, we want to make people aware that it is beautiful everywhere on our planet, it’s just a matter of perspective.” Ulla Lohmann