Ulla’s life as expedition photographer and -filmmaker, amongst others for National Geographic, BBC and GEO, is packed with adventures: Abseiling into active volcanos, sharing house and louse with little known tribes deep in the jungle, discovering new species or climbing remote parts of our planet together with her husband Basti.

For the first time in 2016, she toured Germany for “National Geographic Presents” with a Multivision Show. Since then, she is captivated by this way of sharing her adventures on a very personal level with her audience. „I love to take our guest on a journey. A well done Multivision show is a piece of art. It does not only need the best photos and videos, great music, a perfect symbiosis between action and contemplating passages, but a great story, combined with new facts to take home.”
If If desired, Basti accompanies Ulla’s Multivision Show live on the grand piano to ensure a unique feast for all senses.


„Adventure South Pacific“

Since she is 18, Ulla travels the South Pacific and he has lived many unique stories. Along the Pacific Rim of Fire, she will take you to a foreign world, full of surprises, which has become her second home. The journey starts in the middle of the ocean, in the Marquesas and leads from Tasmania to Papua New Guinea. There, the Photojournalist and filmmaker discovers new animal species and photographs a unique mummification ceremony of her adoptive dad, never seen before. Our journey finishes in Vanuatu, where Ulla has realized a lifelong dream: To abseil deep inside an active volcano and be at a place of the planet, where nobody else has been before.

With my multivision show, I want to encourage others to follow their dreams.” Ulla Lohmann

„Adventure Dolomites“:

During an entire year, Ulla Lohmann and Basti Hofmann crossed the Dolomites. In various legs throughout all seasons, the adventure couple climbed, hiked, mountain biked or took their touring skis on the most direct line from the lowest point at Lago Di Garda to the highest point, the Marmolada. It’s not only the adventure which makes the journey captivating, but the discovery of an entire macro cosmos: In eight different altitudes, the two spent an entire day at one square meter to document the fascinating world in detail. Basti accompanies those never seen macro images -combined with amazing drone footage- live at the grand piano to create a unique feast for all senses.

With this multivision show, we want to make people aware that it is beautiful everywhere on our planet, it’s just a matter of perspective.” Ulla Lohmann

“Company Events“

Ulla Lohmann and Sebastian Hofmann love to create a tailor-made event or multivision show for you, for example “Don’t Dream it – Do it; the power of realizing dreams in todays world.” or about the power and strength of women.

We look forward to get creative together with you and visualize your ideas“. Ulla Lohmann