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Ulla Lohmann and Sebastian “Basti” Hofmann are a team, professionally and personally. Since 2011, they are married and live in Hohenschaeftlarn near Lake Starnberg south of Munich.

Together, they are an approved and trusted team to look after your production with great professionalism and enthusiasm, whether it’s a cinema movie, a documentary, a worldwide advertisement campaign, an aerial shoot or a 360-degree production.  

Ulla is the creative head with countless ideas and not only a Plan B, but at least a Plan C and is master in improvising and trouble shooting.

Many of their projects, she is author or script advisor or directs the shoot herself. She has also filmed many documentaries herself as well as Basti.


Basti Hofmann is drone pilot, film maker and passionate Alpinist.

He is responsible for the logistics, safety and the overall organization and looks after all things technical: Time lapses, camera movements, special effects, 360-degree video and rigging in general. He loves to film in situations where not everybody can access, for example dangling off a rope 600 meters inside an active volcano.

Ulla and Basti climb and film in alpine territory like rock and ice, they go alpine ski touring, research caves, dive and are at home on boats as well as in high altitude mountains. They both have much experience driving 4×4 vehicles through very rough terrain and are trained in remote area medicine.

Ulla is certified PADI dive instructor and Basti is certified DAV rock climbing instructor. 


Especially in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the entire South Pacific regions including Australia with Tasmania and New Zealand, Ulla and Basti are very experienced and well- connected. They also work in Central and South America, Africa (except the west), Canada, Greenland and of course in Europe, especially in the Alps. Both are fluent in English, French, Bislama, Pidgin and speak some Spanish and Italian. 

They have worked for clients such as BBC, National Geographic, ZDF, TERRA X, ARD, Arte, NDR, SWR, Discovery Channel, Red Bull Media House and for Canon, BMW Motorrad, Marc- O- Polo, Audi, Mammut…

„Our clients get the all-round carefree package. Because we offer content and content advice as well as logistics and productions, we can be much more productive, efficient, quicker and can work more cost efficient. Our network of people all around the world helps us to make the impossible possible.“  Ulla Lohmann