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More Workshops or Seminars

Please find our selection of existing seminars below. They are usually offered in collaboration with photo retailers or photo festivals at irregular intervals. 

If you want to stay up to date with your dates on new seminars, please subscribe to our datesIf you would like to book a seminar for your photo festival or corporate event, don’t hesitate to send us an enquiry with your ideas or let us suggest an individual format for you. 

Selection of seminars (partly also possible with practical part)

  1. “Travel photography for the Adventurous” How do you take pictures in difficult environmental conditions? How do you protect the equipment? How do you edit and archive footage on the go? How do you become an travel photographer, how do you market your pictures? These questions and many more will be answered (no practical part).  

2. “Perfect planning”This seminar helps you to take better pictures through perfect planning: How do you scout the best spots and set the perfect time of the day to take photos in a new location? How do you find interesting topics, how do you research them and how do you contact the right people in advance? What do you take with you? Ulla Lohmann presents her ten “must haves”, the most helpful items always traveling with her (No practical part).

3. “Light in Travel Photography” This seminar leaves no lighting questions un-answered. Light – why is it so important at all? Creative design and technical implementation, finding exceptional lighting situations, perfect exposure and contrast management, lighting on the go with simple means, long exposure and lighting on a tripod (Practical part on request).

4. “People and Travel Photography” How to take pictures of people while travelling? What categories of portraits are there and what are the different approaches? Which equipment is suitable and which lenses work best? How do you get a model release and why are legal matters so important? (Practical part on request).

5. “Dynamic Travel Photography” How to find the best settings of shutter speed, aperture and ISO to show movement? Learn all about panning and blurred movements as well as working with a tripod, filters and wide-angle photography. This seminar will expand your creativity (Practical part possible). 

6. “Reportage” Learn the basics of reportage. What individual elements do you need? What’s the best way to prepare? Brief introduction to the subject of photographing people, image selection and sequencing and how to present your reportage and how to market it (Practical part possible).

7. “Filming for Photographers” How do I film a sequence, how do I tell a story in moving images? How do I film people and what interview techniques are there? After the seminar you will have an overview on the editing programs and cutting techniques as well as have an understanding of the technical basics, camera settings and record sound (Practical part possible).

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