Introtext Fotogalerie Filme Weiteres

Portrait at Ulla’s childhood home about her childhood and her dreams


6min, SWR (German) 

Talkshow Aeschbacher with Ulla (from 25:35min onwards) about her life as adventure photographer 

52min, SRF (German)

Interview from Ulla’s first Photofestival “Nordic Lights” 2007

3 min, (English)

Interview about Ulla’s Photography at the 25th anniversary of Visa pour l’Image, France
8min, Visa pour l image (English)

 „Cewe Fototalk“ at Mundologia, Freiburg
23min, Cewe (German)

Trailer about a journey with Ulla’s dog Ronja along hiking trail E5 across Europe

2min, ZDF (German)

Trailer for 52min documentary  about Ulla’s work in the Marquesas, French Polynesia

3:15min, Planète (French)