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Journey to the Center of the Earth

The volcanoes in Vanuatu are unique. Nowhere else on earth there is such a concentration of active volcanoes in such a small space and nowhere else there are four lava lakes at one spot. Yet, little is known scientifically. To far away, little relevance to us- that’s what you might think. But the volcanic complex of Ambrym is the largest producer of volcanic gases worldwide.

Since over fifteen years, Ulla dreams of researching the volcano. She wants to abseil into the Benbow crater, where nobody has been before. There, together with scientist Thomas Boyer, she wants to take meassurements to find out more about the secrets of the volcano. Together with her husband, Alpinist Sebastian “Basti” Hofmann, the three dare the impossible. They need several attemps, much patience and a great understanding for the local traditions before the team is finally successful and Ulla can achieve her dream.

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If you click on the anchor symbol (“Weiteres”, which means “More”), you will find captivating articles about the volcano with images from Ulla, for example in National Geographic or Terra Mater. You can also watch a 26min version of the film “Spitting Distance” from Red Bull Media House about the adventure of the three friends inside the active volcano. Also, don’t miss the world’s first 360 degree video from the inside of the crater with over 1 Millions views.

Ulla has written a text book for Benevento about how she managed to always follow her dreams. No set back or personal losses can prevent her from working hard towards her goal.

Along the journey, she also finds her personal happiness and her partner, who proposes to her inside her beloved volcano. The book is also available as audio book.

If you have a chance to listen to Ulla’s Multivision Show “Adventure South Seas”; you will hear how it feels to sleep with a gas mask inside an active, trembling volcano and to look right into the open heart of the earth.

Also, there is a photo exhibit available about the volcanoes of Vanuatu with large format prints.

“Journey to the Center of the Earth” is a story about very big dreams and that it sometimes takes only a tiny through to realize them:

Don’t dream it- do it” Ulla Lohmann