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„Abenteuer Europa: 47 Berge, 47 Länder, 470 Tage“
(Trailer, 1min, German) #liveforthestory, Pico, Azore Islands
„Abenteuer Europa: 47 Berge, 47 Länder, 470 Tage“
(Trailer, 3min, German) for Canon, Pico, Azore Islands
Presentation of our project at ZDF Fernsehgarten in Tenerife


(7min, German)

“Abenteuer Europa” Part 1: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. Trailer from Ole Freier (German, English subtitles follow soon)
United Nations Television: Official Start with S. Poore, Director of Sustainability, Canon and M. Toomey, Global Director UN Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign (English)
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign, Portrait 1: APOPO

In 1997, the Belgian Bart Weetjens had the idea to use rats to detect landmines