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Adventure Europe

World’s First: The highest European mountains have never been climbed in such a short time.

New Perspectives: From every summit, the photojournalist Ulla and the filming Alpinist Basti will come back with not only pictures and videos, but also with a 360 -degree view and wherever possible, aerial images.

New Adventure: After “Adventure Dolomites” for National Geographic and “Adventure South Pacific”, an expedition inside an active volcano for Red Bull Media House, the Adventure Couple will cross Europe with a camper van. Somewhere along the way, they will also become a family.

The Goal: “Adventure Europe” aims to make people aware of the treasures in their own backyard. It encourages others to share their own stories and think about sustainable development as part of the United Nations SGD Action Campaign.



The Challenge: Starting on the 5th of June (World Environment Day), the aim is to climb every mountain “by fair means”, from the last point of civilization without any technical support. Sometimes, the mountains are conquered with touring skis, ice-axes, other times they are climbed with ropes. Wherever possible, Basti will fly down with his paraglider. But there are moments where mountaineering is everything else but heroic…

The background: According to Greek mythology, “Europa” was the daughter of a Phoenician king, and her name signifies “The one with the view”. This translation has inspired the team Lohmann-Hofmann to search for those views- on top of every countries highest mountain.

The journey takes them to well-known landmarks such as the Olymp, Mount Blanc or Zugspitze, but also to relatively unknown mountains like the Korab – the highest mountain of Albania and Macedonia whose height is still unclear.

Ulla and Basti will climb the Elbrus with 5642 meters but also the Vatican Hill with 75 meters. The Hvannadalshnukur on Iceland has the most unpronounceable name, the weirdest name is the Mountain of the Great Egg in Estonia. The highest peak in Russia has the highest dunny in Europe. The highest mountain of Monaco is an unknown point. The Belgians have increased their mountain with a six Meter stone pyramid, so it becomes exactly 700 meters. And surprisingly, the highest point of the Netherlands is just under 1000 meters, located in the Caribbean.

Will you be part of our journey? We would love to have you with us!” Ulla+Basti

Before we start the journey together, please explore the icons on top for more photos, videos and information, for example about our partner, the United Nations and their Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign.