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How do you measure a height of exactly 560,08 meters? Is the mountain higher with cow dung on top? And – where on earth is this mountain?

No sign indicates the country’s highest mountain. We have to trust our mobile phone and the navigation system of the camping car. It’s another mountain we can “drive through”. I long for the day we can finally pack our trekking bags and our topographic maps and can start with the real mountaineering!

I did imagine our project very differently. Since days, we sit in the car and the longest distance we have walked to far was inside a gigantic supermarket.

Kneiff makes no exception- we can drive almost to the top, we only have to stroll 20 meters across the cow paddock.


No wonder that the Luxembourger often quote the Burgplatz near the picturesque village of Huldingen as their highest point.

At Kneiff, there is really nothing extraordinary. The only thing worth mentioning are maybe the wind turbines of the largest wind farm in Luxembourg. Around 20% of the country’s electricity is covered by wind energy, in Germany, it’s less then 10%.

At least, there are no other people in sight and for the first time during the journey, we can fly our drone- 5 minutes long, then it starts to rain again.

How much bad luck can we have?

The hill is inside the nature Reserve Our in the Ardennes mountain range, a place well known for its oak forest, brimming with wildlife and habitat for the rare wild cat and hazel grouse.

But with this weather, I also would not dare to put my paws, respectively my claws outside. We decide to say goodbye to the last Grand Duchy of Europe and to the bad weather. We want sunshine, let’s go South!  There, our next “lowest high mountains” are waiting for us.

Don’t forget to check out the icons on top of the page, we look forward to continue our journey with you in a couple of weeks!