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Being an intern for Ulla Lohmann

After finishing my three- year apprenticeship as a Photographer in August 2015, I started a six months internship for Ulla Lohmann. I worked a lot in the studio before, so I was even more excited to be the intern for one of Germany’s most popular Photojournalists and take more photos of landscapes and nature. Ulla is a Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker who works together with her husband Basti, who is a Drone pilot and Macro Photographer.

Most of the time the two are traveling around the world and one of their favorite places is the South Pacific, especially Vanuatu and Papua Neuguinea. Ulla speaks eight languages and has a lot of knowledge about being a professional photographer.

 When I started my internship, Ulla and Basti came back from a whole lot of traveling, so I had a long to-do-list right from the beginning. Answering emails, editing and sorting out photos, it was a lot of work, but it was awesome to be integrated from the first day. Ulla showed me how to answer emails professionally, to choose which work needs to be done first and how to set priorities, how to get new clients through presenting your photos and stories in an interesting way and of course how to edit pictures. Ulla often asked me for my opinion and valued my point of view very much, which influenced my way of working a lot. 

 One of the things I remember most: Ulla has taught me that being a Photojournalist consists of 1% Photography and 99% preparation time, office work and post-processing. The work is definitely not easy- you need a lot of ambition, discipline and of course passion; and thats exactly what Ulla and Basti have.

 I learned to not give up, no matter what is happening and to follow my dream even if it seems impossible. 

One highlight of my time with Ulla and Basti were the two photography workshops in South Tyrol and the Alps. Some of the attendees were absolute beginners and others very already quite advanced. Ulla und Basti taught everyone a lot according to their previous knowledge, while photographing outdoors everyday - in a short time, we all were a perfect team. We taught and inspired each other, changed experiences and stories, it was such a fun time learning! 

Another highlight was Ulla’s and Basti’s Multi-vison Tour through Germany for National Geographic. They presented moving images and video about their adventure through the Dolomites. The two also published a book for National Geographic about the Dolomites in which they shared their story how they hiked, rock climbed, biked and toured with skis from Lago di Garda to the Marmolada. We traveled in a tour van through 12 german cities, always with an e-piano in the back of the car. My task was to distribute flyers and postcards for the shows in Germany and for the photography workshop in Papua-Neuguinea and Vanuatu, which I designed myself. I also sold books and made a photography documentation of each show, which was posted the next morning on the internet. 

When we arrived in Munich, we all missed the tour life, especially because it meant that my internship came to an end. My six month with Ulla and Basti were awesome. I learned so much for my future - and at the same time, we had so much fun! We laughed, we drank a beer or a shot now and then, we climbed together, and we simply had an incredible time.

 I am happy and thankful for everything they both did for me. 

 Thank you so much - keep it up! 

 Lucia Gistl 

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