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Our journey between the highest point of the Netherlands and the Botrange in Belgium is a mere 35 kilometers.

If we would have known that there is so much nature in the east of the country, we would have walked. But we did not even think about this at the start, because Belgium has the highest level of urbanization in all Europe, 98% of all people live in cities. The carbon dioxide emissions per hear are amongst the highest in the world. Except from a short visit to Brussels, I was never in Belgium and I thought that the country is densely settled everywhere. Little did I know!

The „High Fens“, where the Signal de Botrange is situated, is a nature reserve covering over 600 square kilometers between Germany and Belgium. The reserve protects the fragile peat bog with its lynxes, beavers, adders and black grouses.


Unfortunately, we don’t spot any of them- but this is likely our fault- because we don’t move far from the parking area at the foot of the Botrange. Since our arrival, it has not stopped raining and we are preparing one coffee after the other inside our cosy campervan.

Here, we could also drive right to the foot of the „mountain“, but the last meters, we have to walk, approximately 20 steps: The challenge of the day for Basti.

Back in 1923, the Belgians built an artificial hill called “Baltia Hill”, named after a lieutenant general, to have the mountain reaching 700 Meters. 

Before, the Botrange belonged to Prussia, where the height is measured differently and the mountain was quoted with two meters less.

To make things more confusing: Now, there is a stone pyramid on top of Baltia Hill, which changes the height again. And then, there is the radio tower to transmit the stock exchange value in real time between London and Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which is even higher.

We stop wondering and reward ourselves with some French Fries, which were invented here in Belgium. Now, we are ready to continue our journey- off to Luxemburg!

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